High Peak from Chateau Z
Chateau Z and barn.

Welcome to Chateau Z Vineyard, your source for grape vine cuttings and fruit from varieties "that belong in Virginia's hot and humid climate!"  With the new dominance of vinifera grapes in the eastern winemaking scene, we decided that the best disease- and insect-resistant hybrids developed over the last 300 years, and select wild grapes, needed a home.  More than 195 of these live in our vineyard!

Wild grape bagged for hybridization
Making new grapes on a wild vine.

Our "prime directive" is grape breeding to continue the long tradition of developing our native vines and to prepare for a time, maybe not so far off, when heavy use of pesticides is either cost prohibitive or finally accepted to be health prohibitive.  Without fungicides and insecticides, vinifera grapes and many hybrids cannot produce fruit of high enough quality in the eastern U.S. to make excellent wine.  When chemicals finally become untenable, we want to have had a hand in helping to create the new cultivars that will form the basis of the New Eastern Viticulture.

To quote a recent treatise on muscadine grapes*, "Resistance is our most important, economically viable, environmentally safe, and socially acceptable disease management strategy for the long-term success of mankind."  We agree and believe this extends to ALL crops, especially those used directly for food.

CA in CZ vineyard
C. Ambers in Chateau Z Vineyard.

As a by-product of collecting existing grape cultivars and natives for breeding, we end up with many prunings, many small lots of different grapes, and plenty of seed.  We sell all of these to interested growers and home winemakers who can contact the Chateau through this website.  We do our best to provide small vineyardists and home winemakers with quality vineyard products at as reasonable prices as are possible.

Barn and fall colors
The Chateau Z barn with Fall colors on our mountain.

We hope you'll take some time to explore the vineyard virtually by clicking on the topics buttons on this page.  Please email me at the address shown at the top of this page if you have any questions about the vineyard products we have available. Note: we are not open to the general public because of limited staff (one person) and the shock hazard present from our electrified deer fencing. Please contact us before attempting to visit.

Reliance grapes
Carol Mae Ambers grapes relaxing in our vineyard.

High Peak from Chateau Z Vineyard

Fall color on High Peak behind Chateau Z and barn.


*(Muscadine Grapes; ISBN: 0-97975546-0-4; Softcover; Edited by Fouad M. Basiouny and David G. Himelrick; Chapter 10: Diseases; p. 228; http://www.ashs.org/ashspress/mgrapes.html )

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